December 17, 2010

Big Engine now on RockBand Video Game

Its official! Party Like A Rock Star is up on the RockBand Video Game Network Marketplace! Go download it and play it now!...Head over to RockGamer Studios website and tell them how excited you are about it.

NOW AVAILABLE (Xbox 360): Jacksonville, FL's own hometown heroes and hard-rockin' superstars, Big Engine, finally make their first appearance on Rock Band! They want you to get up and "Party Like a Rock Star" tonight. Grab it now on the Marketplace for 160 MSP!

September 30, 2010

Big Engine Finished 8th in the Regional Semifinals...

Thanks to all of you who judged and rated us in the regional portion of the SUBWAY FRESH ARTIST Competition. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the Finals. We finished 8th place in the Semifinals which didn't allow us to advance to the Final round. We did pretty good to go that far though and we wouldn't have done it without all of you!! Thanks again. 

September 28, 2010

Big Engine are Semifinalists in the SUBWAY FRESH ARTIST Competition

Big Engine ranked 8th in the Quarterfinals of the “SUBWAY FRESH ARTISTS” Competition & has automatically rolled into the Semifinals which began at 12:00:00 am ET and ends on September 29, 2010 11:59:59 pm ET (the "Semi Finals Voting Period"). During Round 3, members will have the opportunity to judge among the top ten (10) ranked Entries to determine the final fan ranking. There are 45 rounds of Head to Head Judging in this final round of public judging which ends at MIDNIGHT ON THE 29TH! SO, LET'S GO RANK "I'M READY LET'S GO" BEST BY FAR AGAIN BECAUSE THIS IS THE LAST ROUND OF PUBLIC JUDGING & you could help us get an opening slot on the Goo Goo Dolls Fall 2010 Tour! Click Here --> to Judge in the Semifinals of the Subway Fresh Artist Cometition 

Thanks Everyone!

September 24, 2010

Big Engine Advances to Quarterfinals in SUBWAY FRESH ARTIST Competition

Round 1 is over in the Regional SUBWAY FRESH ARTIST Competition. We ranked #1 in our region in Round 1 & were automatically placed in the Quarter Finals! The Top 20 entries were locked in at 12AM EST on September 24th. Judging continues on with just these twenty entries. This way, OurStage fans and can concentrate on deciding which music is the best of the best. So this stage is Big Engine against 19 other entries. Right now, we are in 18th place! Therefore, you should follow the link that we provide and start ranking entries to get Big Engine "I'm Ready Let's Go" to the top because we've gotta finish in the Top 10 to advance to the Semi Finals.

You can help Big Engine by following the link that we provide below. Next, login using your Facebook account or just create and account with OurStage. Next, you will do some random head to head judging! Just listen to at least 15 seconds of each song then rate which one you like best. Whenever, Big Engine "I'm Ready Let's Go" comes up just rate it best by far to help us move up in the ranks! After you have been shown all the entries once then you don't have to listen to them anymore. Its at this point that you can rate them without pressing play. It will go pretty fast at this point! 

Hurry over to OurStage to rank Big Engine Best By Far in the SUBWAY FRESH ARTIST COMPETITION because as of this writing; the Quarterfinals ends in less than 3 days and 18 hours!

Click this to help Big Engine and rank them Best By Far. -->REGIONAL SUBWAY FRESH ARTIST QUARTERFINALS


September 21, 2010

Help Us Win $, Gift Cards & A Chance To Open For the GOO GOO DOLLS!

Thanks to your help; Big Engine's "I'm Ready Let's Go" is in 1st place in the SUBWAY FRESH ARTIST Competition! Let's keep it that way by voting daily because we can win $1000 in cash, up to $500 in Subway gift cards & a chance to open for the GOO GOO DOLLS!

ROUND ONE ENDS THIS THURSDAY (9/23) at NOON! The link included in this post will take you directly to polls for this competition. Then, simply rate songs 4 at a time by listening to at least 15 seconds of each song. Next, drag into place "Worst" to Best". When we come up simply put us in 1st place! No, you can't skip directly to us. Lol Lastly, click "Lock In Vote".

You must be a registered member of the site to vote but you can register and log in using your Facebook which makes it easy!

Click this text--> "SUBWAY FRESH ARTISTS™" (DE, MD,DC, VA, WV, NC, SC, GA, FL)

Thanks again for voting for Big Engine in the competition for the Sparks Sponsorship!  

September 18, 2010

SUBWAY, Clear Channel & present Round One of the “SUBWAY FRESH ARTISTS™” Competition starting on September 10 2010 at 12:00:01 am ET and ending September 23, 2010 at 11:59:59 pm ET. That's Right! ROUND ONE IS ALREADY UNDERWAY so help Big Engine rank #1 today because we can win $1000 in cash, up to $500 in Subway gift cards & a chance to open for the GOO GOO DOLLS! 

Log on to and take a moment to become a member. ITS FREE AND ONLY TAKES A MOMENT. You can even do it with your Facebook login!

VERY IMPORTANT.....1ST round is regional, so please make sure you click the region with FL/GA. This link should get you right there: Subway Fresh Artists - GA / FL Region

Unfortunatly you can not go right to Big Engine (if your lucky they will be one of the 1st 4), but you have to judge a few until Big Engine Shows up.Obviously when you get to Big Engine's "I'm Ready Lets Go", you drag and drop it into the 1st spot. Then the rest as you see fit, lol.

This will help us and give you a chance to get turned on to some other great music!!

So, check it out and help us too!